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The simple facts are... I am a half-educated grey man, raised in the 70’s with no fashion sense.

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Hi Ya,

Ever had to do that thing when you are all in a group and then are asked to stand up and introduce yourself? I’m useless at that sort of monkey-ness!

So here goes ….

The simple facts are …. I am a half-educated grey man, raised in the 70’s with no fashion sense. I understand some of what is happening around me, loosely, and that which I don’t, I am old enough to bulls**t my way through, round and/or over it!

I have a ridiculous amount of energy and enthusiasm most of the time, and my mind seems to do little else other than think up an endless stream of ideas.

I love everything that gets us away from s**ty lifestyles, bad attitudes and sitting in front of the tele. I am fiercely loyal, protective (ex-forces) and probably as strong as I am weak.

I am unafraid of opening up any conversation …. As long as it is in the safety of my own home or, vampire-like if invited over someone else’s doorstep!

Love a good debate, don’t tend to get offended and certainly try not to offend.

I don’t see myself as an athlete despite some generous comments but I seem to do OK, but I love to participate. I am a fully qualified sports coach and am studying sports psychology. I get a real buzz from helping others achieve, and will always look to find your best effort, with an extra push just for good measure.

I choose to join Okhane because, when described to me, if I am honest, it represents everything I believe in …. Even if we have lost our faith in ideologies …. It represents hope …. And that is enough for me.

Starting out as a Royal Marine Commando, I have come to believe that physical & mental strength, combined with a strong positive attitude are key to the quality of our daily lives. That through sport, we can achieve the very best of who & what we are.

Recently I ran across Iceland (Oct 2019), from the north to the south, completing 9 marathons in 9 days & total distance of 330 Kms. I still competes in multiple arenas including triathlon, duathlon, XC, endurance events & obstacle course racing, looking to test myself & the training programs I have provided. I could not honestly offer something I do not believe in, fully.

I am always ready to adapt, to improvise & fully understand that day-to-day life will challenge us. I believe it is my job to help you manage that better. Constantly studying & developing new techniques & methodologies, in both physical & mental training, I am always looking to find & to write new interesting & exciting programs, that will keep you on target.

My running, cycling, swimming, functional & strength training qualifications & experience will improve your technique and fitness levels.

I offer generic and bespoke training programs, as well as one-2-one coaching both online & face-2-face, subject to distance.

I wants you to be an inspiration to others. To help us all become ....

…. Fit For Life!

I love start lines .... a place where you know everyone has a different story as to why and how they got there .... that buzz! I have been fortunate enough to stand on many at various different levels for many different sports including:
On, Off, Trail, Fell, XC and Ultra Running
Indoor and Outdoor Cycling
Full, Half, Standard and Sprint On and Off  Road Triathlon
On and Off Road Duathlon
Swim Run
Obstacle Course Racing
Adventure Racing

Strengths: Not bad over the ground on foot or bike, good base level of fitness, strong mental mindset

Weaknesses: Need to work on upper body strength and obstacle technique for 2020, after 2019 being focussed on full distance triathlon. Also need to up my mobility and functional training as the years are creeping in!

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