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Wild Atlantic Way - Part Six

Day 6: 78 Miles

We went passed our first tomb within the first couple of miles from the hostel. The ancient people certainly seemed to manage to put their monuments in places with a stunning view. We then went passed Skelligs Chocolate factory, and I managed to cycle passed without going in, I was scared that if I went in, I wouldn’t come out!

Wild Atlantic Way - Part Six 1

The view from the first stone tomb of the day.

There was then one monumental hill that took us up onto the cliff tops with a view down to Valencia Island but then had a glorious straight road down where my fingers cramped and I couldn’t use the breaks properly but did get me my new top speed record of 40mph. There were crashing waves on the rocks below, but fortunately, I managed to avoid crashing myself, more by luck than judgement.

Wild Atlantic Way - Part Six 3

The view down towards Valencia Island with the edge of the cliffs visible on the left.

Wild Atlantic Way - Part Six 5

View back up the hill with the road we had come down visible.

The road took us into Portmagee where we decided to take the bridge over to Valencia Island. We cycled down the island and the from Knights Town on the island we then got the ferry back across to the mainland where we came to Castlemaine, and here we saw the most traffic we had seen on the roads since Dublin. They were also advertising a youth group called ‘the cosmic spud’ nothing like living up to stereotypes.

We then set off out on the Dingle peninsular with quite a headwind to reach the town of Dingle for a fish and chip tea. We then arrived at our B and B where the proprietor was an elderly gentleman who couldn’t hear what you were saying and seemed to have short-term memory loss, ‘let me look you up in my book’ followed by three minutes of page turning ‘ahh, you are in room 7’, put the book down look at us and repeat. It did seem to be on a working farm, and there was a pack of happy dogs running around.

Wild Atlantic Way - Part Six 7

Heading down Dingle peninsular.

To Be Continued …

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