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Ironman - Training Is Like Having A Small Child

Iron Man training is a lot like what I imagine having a child is like:

  • Iron Man is always at the back of your mind, it never goes away.
  • You never feel like you are giving Iron Man training enough time and attention, despite it having the majority of your time and attention.
  • You feel guilty for having 5 mins to yourself and not perusing one of the activities you know you should be.
  • The rest of your life is sacrificed because of this one thing.
  • Mood swings are horrendous, sometimes you want to kill the bike/child, sometimes it is your favourite thing in the world.
  • You knew Iron Man was going to be a large financial commitment, but are shocked to find out how much money you sift through a month on bits and pieces to keep the dream alive.
  • Your friends think you have changed and refer to the “old, fun” person that used to go out and get drunk.
  • You find all you want to talk about is Iron Man. It slowly begins to consume your life and your brain.
  • There are a lot of things that can go wrong on a day to day basis. A LOT.
  • Iron Man requires dedication beyond that of anything I have ever encountered before
  • You have to juggle many a ball. (Multi tasking between, cycling, running, swimming, strength training, stretching and rehab is not as easy as I first thought it would be *sigh*)
  • There will be more bad days than good, but the good always makes you carry on.
  • You are constantly tired, like all the time.
  • Rest days you spend worrying that you are relaxing and having fun, you start to stress about whether this day of rest is necessary.

You begin to wonder why on earth you did this to yourself when you could have spent all this time and money sat on a beach drinking cocktails with half-naked men.

Ironman - Training Is Like Having A Small Child 1

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