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Bucket List Challenges - Fuego Y Agua Survival Run

SURVIVAL RUN is a race concept created and developed by FUEGO Y AGUA ENDURANCE and was born on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua.  Since then it has expanded to Australia, Canada and the US and is still growing.

SURVIVAL RUN is not an obstacle course race (OCR), an adventure race, an ultramarathon or a survival skills event, but an adaptation of all of these. SURVIVAL RUN is all about adapting to the environment and taking on challenges that are part of the culture and location where the event takes place. SURVIVAL RUN does not pretend to be dangerous, it is dangerous.

That is why it is only for those who are truly physically and mentally prepared to take on the extreme challenges.


  1. 24hr time format
  2. 80-100 km (give or take)
  3. 10-15 Challenges, based on the local history, culture and folklore of the region.
  4. Mostly marked course with white tape and reflectors at night.
  5. No Aid Stations or Water
  6. Mandatory Gear List, bring all your gear!
  7. No Drop Bags
  8. SOLO & 2-Person TEAM Categories
  9. Only 1st Male and 1st Female awarded
  10. The race is broken up into 4 sections with 4 Medals (I - DID - NOT - FAIL). If you do not complete one section you cannot continue to the next one.
  11. Aggressive cutoffs
  12. Personal Accident Insurance required to race


People who want to push themselves beyond ordinary experience, who want to be challenged to think and adapt as well as endure, and who set themselves apart from the pack as part of a special tribe, a combination of athlete and adventurer, endurance elite and explorer, survivalist and SURVIVAL RUNNER.

SURVIVAL RUN requires its athletes to swear an oath:  "If I get hurt, lost or die, it is my own damn fault." If you agree with that statement: then you are eligible to apply.

Bucket List Challenges - Fuego Y Agua Survival Run 1


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