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My Alphawoolf Shoe Experience .... So Far!

Fenland Runner and Okhane have been chatting for some time about sport, health and wellbeing. We have very similar views, concerns and hopes and I always enjoy hearing their thoughts.

During these chats, I was flattered to be asked if I would become an Ambassador for Fenland Runner. I made it very clear I would only give honest reviews and that I want to talk about the process of choosing your purchase as well as the products as Fenland Runner and Okhane rely on the honest advice of experts and experienced individuals.

Being an Ambassador is not about free kit; it is about developing the right range of products, and providing the right advice for people to ensure they make the most informed decision they can, prior to purchase. It is a responsibility I take seriously as I respect John and Fenland Runner.

Alphawoolf 2.0

My Alphawoolf Shoe Experience .... So Far! 1My Alphawoolf Shoe Experience .... So Far! 3My Alphawoolf Shoe Experience .... So Far! 5My Alphawoolf Shoe Experience .... So Far! 7

  • Minimalist neutral shoe, inspired by the Trimarino signature style.
  • New combination of breathable uppers made from Airdry Mesh for better thermal environment and optimal fit.
  • Balanced layers of cushioning by the EVA midsole with a 6 mm drop, providing increased energy recovery and a free flowing running experience.
  • The anatomically formed stiffener around the heel ensures perfect fit and secure hold.
  • A special drainage system contained in the midsole under the removable insole renders the shoe even more breathable and prevents water accumulating.
  • Robust aids around the heel allow for quick changing in transition.
  • Abrasion resisting special rubber of the Pacemaker sole ensures a powerful grip and longevity.
  • Dynamically lightweight but with surprising high stability, ideal for fast intervals, and also great for racing mid-distance courses

Colour: Orange/Silver
Weight: 220g (Size: EU41)
Sizes: UK 7.5-11 (EU41-46) - FULL EU SIZES ONLY

My first pair of Alphawoolfs ....

I can tell you instantly that these felt fantastic on my feet. I like a wide toe box due to my odd shaped toes but I like a heel that holds me. I always run with elastic laces (Ultimate Laces) and, after two or three runs of minor adjustment, I got the tension just right.

I currently am wearing a size 46 (I normally would wear a size 11 in Salomon for example) but after a little time, I have decided that the next pair (and there will be a next pair) I will be trying the 45. The width is perfect but maybe the length is just a little too much.

I was, upto last weekend (14th July), training for a full distance triathlon and the mileage was heavy. The terrain also needed to be variable and I used the Alphawoolfs on roads and trails including running along canal paths and through forests. My running form is reasonable, as it should be, I am a sports and fitness coach after all! I tend to mid-foot strike but am not the lightest of runners at 85kgs. I was running three to four times a week, averaging around 1 hour 30 minutes per run, covering over 18 kms per run. The simple fact is, these shoes are not designed to be used like this. I did not know this because I did not speak to Fenland Runner until it was too late. I damaged the sole of my left foot and ruined the sole of the Alphawoolf 2.0's. Hindsight is wonderful commodity!

Simply put, I ran these shoes into the ground because I love running in them.

On further discussion with John, who has over 30 years experience in running shoes, I should have been using these shoes for upto mid-distance solid ground races and occasional training. These are ideal for speed/endurance, intervals and pure speed training. And are now my go to trainer for any race that is on solid ground upto half marathon distance. I genuinely love them for what they are designed to do. Perfect. Well priced, look good, light and promote good running form.

The Alphawoolf Omega

My Alphawoolf Shoe Experience .... So Far! 9My Alphawoolf Shoe Experience .... So Far! 11My Alphawoolf Shoe Experience .... So Far! 13My Alphawoolf Shoe Experience .... So Far! 15

  • Highly comfortable training shoe ideal for longer distances
  • Robust neutral shoe for stability on tarmac and gravel
  • Perfectly balanced shore-hardness of phylon midsole for cushioning
  • Fine pored airy upper Microtech Mesh for breathability and fit
  • Fast drying lining XI Synthetics ensures dry thermal environment
  • Extremely light Pacemaker STX sole for foot-sure running
  • Drop of 8mm offers sufficient absorption

Colour - Navy/Orange

Lightweight 285gms EU 41

Sizes- UK 7.5 - 11 / Full EU Sizes only 41 – 46

This is the shoe I should have been doing more of my training in. I went against all normal advice and decided to run in these one week before the event. I re-laced them with elastic laces as normal and then went out for two short distance runs to adjust and test. It was instantly apparent that these were the right shoes. They are slightly more "solid" than the Alphawoolf 2.0's, the ample cushioning is a little stiffer without losing the sensitivity I look for when running. I want to feel the surface. The fit is slightly differently as well, compared to the 2.0's. They are a little more "snug", which is to say really comfortable.

As I got off the bike, the soles of my feet were already sore (my own fault as I say) but I could not wait to get my cycling shoes off and slide into these. I had paced my Ironman reasonably well and therefore managed to maintain a steady pace throughout the run element of the event. My feet were and are still sore but I am sure that they are no worse, which I put down to the quality of the Omegas. I had one tiny blister on the end of one of my horror movie toes which I believe was due to my form dropping a tad towards the end.


So, the 2.0's are a great short and mid-distance race shoe and perfect for certain types of training. The Omegas are, I would say, a much more versatile shoe. I would not hesitate in recommending both, depending on the intended use.

Thank you Fenland Runner.

My Alphawoolf Shoe Experience .... So Far! 17

To purchase, please go to https://www.fenlandrunner.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

All Okhane Members can get a special discount code on request.

I shall be reviewing the Oriocx range (Sparta and Malmo) soon and the Alphawoolf Kona which is an even more "racey" version of the 2.0! Bring on the 5km PBs!

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