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Where Am I At With Okhane ….?

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Okhane is a massive project, covering so many different areas but all under the banner of helping us to improve our quality of life through better health, wellbeing and getting involved in sport .... but where am I, in terms of getting all of this working? It is a s**t load of work! Bumps, blocks, problems and challenges at every turn .... not that these would stop me! However I thought I would share with you a little of what we are today and what is coming ....

Think of Okhane as a huge mall with a central hub and corridors guiding you to areas of interest including:


Where Am I At With Okhane ….? 1

The Sports corridor has many different avenues leading off it. Avenues that lead you to articles about Running, Cycling, Swimming, OCR (Obstacle Course Racing), Multi Event Sports such as triathlon and SwimRun. There are avenues to take you into the world of Unique Challenges and Adventure as well as many more. 

Where Am I At With Okhane ….? 3There are currently some really exciting developments happening down the Sports corridor especially in the worlds of OCR and Multi Event Sports. We are really looking forward to launching these very soon . The test period is mid - late June and we will be looking for volunteers to help especially if you are one of those magnificent OC racers! Get in touch with me at nick@okhane.com.

Where Am I At With Okhane ….? 5Lifestyle is a huge corridor filled with outlets providing advice, information and guidance on Training, Health, Wellbeing & Nutrition. There are also tasty healthy and quick recipes. The Arts section is a fantastic platform for musicians and DJs, artists and designers, and photographers to showcase their skill.

If you are about to or have recently taken part in an event or tried a new product and would like to share your thoughts and views, our Reviews corridor provides a simple template for both Event and Product Reviews. We are working on the mechanisms that will give our Reviewers additional benefits and discounts throughout the Okhane world. 

Where Am I At With Okhane ….? 7If you would like to be a Reviewer for Okhane, please send us an email to authors@okhane.com.

They are a great source of information, if you are looking for a new event or product so why not swing down this corridor and have a good read. These reviews create a points system allowing for a rating to be produced, so we can award those events and products that deserve credit for their efforts.

The next corridor, I am personally really excited about .... The Okhane Coaching Team (OCT). As a sports and fitness coach, I have been wanting to set up my own business but felt it better to build a searchable directory of coaches, PT's, chiropractors, nutritionalists etc. I did not want to limit it to just "experts" though, so the directory is open to those who have experience and experiences that they feel may benefit others ... and why not!

Where Am I At With Okhane ….? 9My dream is to fill this directory with excellent people and groups, who will provide various different levels of information, guidance, programs and plans that will be available to our Members (subject to their Membership Type), some free, some for a fee. The OCT is there to help remove the challenges some have to get to quality information and to enhance the motivation of others where needed. To make quality information and guidance available, affordable and interesting.

Any Member of the OCT will be able to generate a revenue from being part of Okhane (more details are available on request .... nick@okhane.com).

Where Am I At With Okhane ….? 11We will also be providing a wide range of "How To .... " fitness videos helping you to get your exercises and form better, a range of Fitness Calculators and, via our Shop, a range of training plans and programs written in Training Peaks so you can track your progress.

Take a trip up the Events corridor to find our Sporting Events, Training & Seminars (informative, inspirational & motivational talks) Calendars. These are under re-development at the moment but we are looking forward to filling up with new events soon.

Follow the Community corridor and you will discover our Gallery, and discover our Forum Chat spaces where you can discuss subjects such as Booksharing and Volunteering. There is also a Marketplace to look for secondhand items or even barter for goods and services.

If you are a blogger, or like to take a trip along our Blog corridor. There are just a few Bloggers in there, but we are always looking for more.

Where Am I At With Okhane ….? 13The Shop currently has a small range of casual and technical T'shirts, vests & cycling jersey designs. More designs and items are on their way. The Training Programs & Plans are being added over the next few weeks, and I will be looking around for and writing more, building up the choice.

You can visit as and when you want, and for our regular visitors, we offer various different types of Membership.

Everyone is welcome to use the Okhane website, however with a little more information from you, we can give you a wider experience. We do not want all of your personal details, just enough to stay in contact and, as we develop our toolset, we will only keep you informed of the regional elements you have said you are interested in.

If you just want to provide your name and email address, that is absolutely fine with us, however anyone who completes their Members Page fully, will have the wider experience. Check out this simple example of my page …. Member Page. It’s just a case of adding a profile & background piccy, sharing a little about you, and finally your country and region. Both are free but access will be different.

Where Am I At With Okhane ….? 15Should you wish to promote and share your business, concept, ideas and/or you are a Blogger, we can also give you a special Authors access just by sending us an email to authors@okhane.com.

Moving on from there, we are currently developing the Okhane Community which you will be able to join. This will entitle you to discount in our Shop and with The Okhane Coaching Team, as well as other benefits, competitions and events. You will be given a choice of adding Health, Wellbeing and/or Sporting Life to your membership, giving you extra access to your area of interest, with greater discounts.

So .... there is a lot happening .... new developments, sections & avenues due soon .... a lot of time and (ouch) money has been invested in a dream which is beginning to come to life and I could not be more happy .... and tired! Don't ask me how I will measure the success .... or failure .... it's a journey and I'm a long way from the end.

Thank you all for your support .... every share .... every comment .... every #WeAreOkhane .... means so much ....

#WeAreOkhane #FitForLife #BeFearless #OnePercentMore

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