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Merry Christmas from Okhane!

Right, the Okhane Christmas message!
First and foremost! Have a fan-bl**dy-tastic time!
Secondly, I was trying to think of a special message, some subtle piece but nothing I wrote captured the sentiment I was looking for. I’m not a religious man. I’m not part of a fully functional family! I sat thinking about all the good messages ….
"Spend time with friends and family."
"Be kind and generous."
"A dog is for life, not just for Christmas."
"Love and good will to all."
"Peace and happiness."
All great sentiments and of course, ones we should live to but not quite what I was looking for .... nothing came to mind. So I went to look for a gift or two ….
I drove down the road; I saw rubbish bags on the road. It is “bin day” so no need to think “you lazy, dirty fly-tipping t**ts!”. It’s a windy day, so I presumed they must have been blown there. I drove around them. That familiar feeling rose up inside me. That little voice inside me shouted. I checked my rear view mirror and saw my “decision” still lying in the road in the path of the next driver. I pulled over, walked back and moved them to the side. A smile from the driver behind ….
Doing “the right thing” seems so difficult today. I’m not sure why? Especially knowing the knock-on effect is that others will follow suit …. “Why should I move the bags? No one else will!” And so the circle continues ….
So as a weird Christmas message I say unto you’ll …. don’t be the s*!t one! You're better than that! Don’t be the one who can’t be ar$ed! Help make everyone’s Christmas a little better .... just one percent more effort will make all the difference.
Merry Christmas, you filthy animals!
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