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Why you are already part of Okhane .... you just didn’t know it!

Everyone I ever speak to, at some point, shares a concern with the state of the health of the nation, and I do mean everyone. Mentally and physically, we are seeing far too many people either heading in negative direction or they are way, way down that path already. Our health and wellbeing is not the responsibility of someone else, it is your own …. but that ain’t always easy! A world based on positive-only images and the idea that we must only ever be perceived as smiley shiny people leads only to either personal insecurity and/or a space where no constructive honest conversation can be had.
Around your table at home, you’ll sort out most of the issues and problems, as you see them, facing us today but as soon as you get back outside, I’ll bet you’ll say “Sod it, I’ll drive like everyone else because no one gives a shit” …. well, we do give a sh*t and that is a poor f**king choice.
So, let’s all become healthy, happier, fitter … simple, yes? No …. time, money, perception of what is fit, lifestyle and, probably mostly importantly, being honest with ourselves are all reasons/justifications and excuses that take up so much of our energy …. energy which could be better used just getting on with it!
#OnePercentMore is a hashtag we use but there is a genuine reason …. making just one percent positive change is manageable, doable, inspirational, motivational and it can start the ball rolling.
So ….
If you are the sort of person who is putting in the effort, to make a change, to achieve a goal, to change a poor lifestyle into a better one ….
You are already part of Okhane
If you are looking to start that journey and are looking for like minded people …..
You are already part of Okhane
If you are willing to help others, willing to share your experience, knowledge, skills and enthusiasm ….
You are already part of Okhane
Be part of us and let’s make a difference to our lives and to the lives of others ….
Help us to help others to become ….
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