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Being Sensible For Once

So two months ago I wrote about 2018 & taking on Ironman Bolton this year https://okhane.com/i-cant-wing-one/, two months on, and life has not gone the way I had hoped, particularly the training needed for this multidiscipline event. I mentioned in my last post that we can't always predict or control the cards we are handed, it’s how we play the hand.

Well, I’ve made a tough decision, but ultimately one that I think is the right decision given a hand I’ve been dealt so far in 2018. Earlier this week Ironman Bolton 2018 became Ironman Bolton 2019 as I deferred my entry. To date, I’ve only told one person, my good friend Sara while we were out on a 14-mile training run earlier today. I haven’t been able to focus on my training to the extent I’d have liked and ultimately at this stage with just over 4 months to go I feel that I’d be risking a DNF, I’d rather bite the bullet and give myself another chance to get the required training needed to take on something of this magnitude & finish.

Being Sensible For Once 1

My wife had back surgery on 22nd December and ended up spending Christmas in hospital, since being home after Christmas she’s really struggled with her recovery and is still suffering post-surgery pain & discomfort some 8+weeks after surgery, this has obviously had an effect on our day to day activities and I’ve not really felt too comfortable up until last week about being out of the house for too long. I’ve also had another family member recently go into hospital, my Grandma who is 93 was admitted just over a week ago, and at one point it seemed touch & go that she would make it through the first few days. She’s currently still in, we’re not sure how long for & where she will go if she does get to a position to be discharged.

Something I saw earlier from a friend who took on an event today reaffirmed my thought that I’d made the right decision by taking on an event of such magnitude.

“I think it would be fair to say I had my arse handed to me on a plate - this event was so far out of my comfort zone it almost wasn't funny, but my prep wasn't good enough, I didn't take it seriously enough, and I paid the price.”

Some may say ‘excuses excuses’, and yes I could have still tried to give it a crack this year but ultimately this I feel is the right decision for me. It will allow me to focus on immediate family issues/illnesses.

Will I still be at Ironman Bolton 2018? Yes, I hope so in one-way shape or form. I’m going to check out the volunteering opportunities and see if anything takes my fancy.

Being sensible is so overrated!

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