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The Madness of Ruckley - A Mile of Burpees

A word of warning! James is EXTREMELY fit and as mad as a brush!

You are hereby "dared!"

Day One of my Month of workout challenges, and what better way to start than with a suggestion from a good friend.

He decided to start me off small …. with one mile of burpees.

Arriving at the local field with two bottles of water, one of Ribena, two Nutrigrains and some Lint chocolates, I was looking forward to the challenge. I set off for a jog to the end and back of the football field to get an idea of how many lengths I would be doing, which was a lot more than I had first thought! Still, let's get to it.

The idea of the burpee mile is that instead of jumping straight up you jump forward with each burpee. I guessed that each jump would be about 1m, let's go metric and see that that's 1,650 burpees for my mile… Fun stuff!

The first length of the field was 125m of form, pure unadulterated form. The next 1,525m was not. They resembled more of a sloth tripping relentlessly. Interestingly I never really got out of breath when it came to the burpeeing, but the suffering seemed to continue from a plyometric leg boot camp the night before. That was before I lost all shoulder strength.

At the end of the second length, I made a tactical change, to further my body… I changed to a circuit of three variations, one standard burpee, one left leg, one right leg. By this point I had lost a lot of power and saving every fibre of muscle in my legs was vital. Soon legs were joined by failing shoulders, so tricep pushups came into it… Damn a burpee mile is hard.

Every 250-300m I took a short water break, had some food and set out again. This was life-saving, I drank through 1,600m of water (and 12 lindoor dark truffles) in that hour alone!

Burpee mile completed I felt all the better for it, jogged home, and I now await my next challenge, so bring it, guys!

Now, where's that kebab?

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