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Back To Basics With Fitness

It is done, Iron Man Bolton 2018 signed up and paid for.

Therefore, a strategy needs to be implemented in order to ensure valuable time is not wasted. The past two/three months I have not been training as much as I should have, taking the “I ran a race this weekend so I have earned a few days off” approach. This will not do for the next year, excessive rest days for no reason need to be a thing of the past if I am to get to peak physical fitness.

Therefore, the next three weeks will be dedicated to getting basic fitness up to scratch. This will involve:

Back To Basics With Fitness 1

  • Three gym sessions a week, which have been tailored to improve running and general strength in legs and upper body.
  • Attend a running club for tips and mileage.
  • Cycling instead of driving to get my legs used to an alien exercise.
  • Swimming once a week, to get used to being in the water.
  • Riding the horse, mainly as a break in between training
  • Pole Dancing again mainly as a break in “serious” training
  • Back to kickboxing as an alternative cardio which also strengthens the upper body. Been a year since I stopped so it should awaken some new muscle groups!

The last three methods of getting fit are not directly related to Iron Man and triathlons. However, at this point, I feel it is important to get my fitness up to where it was 4 months ago and so I feel good about myself, not a sluggish slob.

Three weeks to get a routine in place and to ultimately feel ready to start tackling triathlon training.

After these three weeks, I shall start to incorporate more cycling and swimming training sessions rather than having a jolly and getting used to it.

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