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5 Best Exercises For OCR

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Lunge Walks

When it comes to running through deep mud and puddles, you'll be needing your leg strength to be up to the challenge of not only wading through but pulling yourself out of a sticky situation. Lunge walks will build strength in your glutes, quads, and hamstrings evenly through both legs while also incorporating your core & balance to make sure you're never slowed down by even the muddiest of courses. Make it harder by holding a pair of dumbbells by your side or really hard by holding a barbell or weight plate overhead.

Box Jumps

When coming across a set of hurdles, hay bales, walls, or pits during a race, building explosive leg strength will help in your efforts of climbing out of/over these obstacles. By including this plyometric exercise in your routine your legs will be more accustomed to a quick blast of energy needed to climb an object, as well as building confidence for getting yourself up onto a high platform or object.

Pushup Variations

When crawling under a cargo net in often wet & muddy conditions, it's rare that you'll come across an even surface. By mixing up your hand positions during sets of pushups you can test your arms, shoulders and core muscles from a variety of angles, building balance and stability keep you stronger for longer!

Farmer's Walks

When it comes to improving grip strength, few exercises can rival farmer's walks. By simply holding a challenging weight by your side and walking a set distance you will get the added benefit of an effective core workout. After a few rounds, you might find your weights slipping out of your hands, but perform farmer's walks regularly and you will be rewarded with a strong body and a grip that will see you take any set of monkey bars or climbing obstacle with ease.

Kettlebell Snatch

To build a balanced, powerful body that will tackle any trail run with ease, single-arm kettlebell snatches are a compound movement that will work every muscle in the body to improve coordination, balance, and power. With the addition that a few reps of this move will get your heart rate up makes this an essential exercise for anybody looking to take their workouts to the next level,


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