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The Rocks At Mupe Bay

The Rocks At Mupe Bay 1

The rocks at Mupe Bay on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset is a location I have wanted to photograph for a very long time, but have never managed to get to until today. It is only accessible on weekends as you have to walk across military firing ranges to get to it, and they are only open to the public at weekends. It seemed as good a place as any for my first photograph of 2018.

Leaving our home in Southampton at 4:30 am to drive the fifty miles to park up in Lulworth with enough time to make the roughly 1.5 mile walk up one of the steepest hills I've attempted in years...in the pitch black of night.

Sunrise thankfully delivered on this one and has made my aching knees, hips and lungs worthwhile haha. The wind was against me and put me on my back on one instance.

I'll let my body recover from today's exertions before contemplating visiting again, but I'm sure I will as there is so much to photograph.


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