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Turkey Mozzarella Meat Loaf

10 mins Prep and 30 mins Cooking

Okhane offers these to help inspire fresh, healthy, cost-effective meals instead of ready-made meals. Time is always a challenge, so an easy to prepare, freshly cooked, a tasty cheap meal is our little offer of help.

If you have any to offer, let us know! social@okhane.com

Lean turkey mince, spinach, a chopped onion, handful of breadcrumbs, parsley and oregano, 2 egg whites mixed in a bowl.

Put half in an oiled (not drunk oiled!) baking tin, then mozzarella, then the other half of the mix.

Pop in a preheated oven (200 C) for approx 30 mins.

Standard advice, don't eat it until its cooked through!


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