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Free Social Morning Workout

Like many people, I've lost my training partners and, if I am totally honest, my training mojo. During these unprecedented times, it's really hard to keep motivated, keep positive and keep moving .... physically and mentally.

.... So I have decided to set a daily regular time of 8:00am GMT ... which started Monday 23rd .... where I will workout for anywhere between 20 - 40 mins and you are welcome to join me.

No doom or gloom here just acceptance that the more time spent inside currently, the better ....

If you would like to join me, for a social, sweaty home workout, please download https://zoom.us/ for FREE and then click on the link below ....

There is no pressure .... no cost .... just if you want to workout with someone, I'll be there.

I am not coaching or selling .... just copy me because I can see the program.

It will be something like 40-45 secs work, 15 secs recovery repeat, repeat, repeat of lots of different exercises .... some easy, some hard, some for strength, some for mobility etc ....

Personally, I have a few kettlebells and that is it .... improvise, adapt and overcome .... cans, bottle of water, furniture .... let's work it out.

Invitation Link .... https://us04web.zoom.us/j/957735166

Join me for a free social daily workout ....

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