Your local community connected worldwide through and inspired by sport, health and wellbeing

What is Okhane?

(pronounced “O-Ca-Neigh” and means “Out There”)

Here is an example of why we feel Okhane is needed.

Yesterday, sadly, two weeks before Christmas, a 14-year-old boy took his own life at a train station. Amongst the many thoughts and feelings, this tragic event brought, one stood tall. In a world that is supposed to be "connected" all the time, why was there nothing there for this boy to turn to?

Okhane is a network of people who are trying to make just one percent changes (or more) to their lives and to the lives of others through health, well-being and lifestyle. They want to share this with others in the hope to offer inspiration, advice and friendship in areas of interest, one or more of which, touch most of us... And all of which that could improve quality of life, just a little bit, but maybe enough...

To be able to share your own story in the Okhane community, little pieces of advice and knowledge that you have gathered whilst on your own journey, and those of the others you have met along the way, may just create a warm welcoming space that this young man could have filled. It may not have, but it is worth the effort...

To open the door, to a world of strangers brought together as friends through the enjoyment of their interests. People who run, climb, swim, cycle, hike, dance and travel together. People who draw, play games, take photos, cook and read. People who love a challenge. People who are looking for a little peace.

Okhane is not just an online community. Okhane is real, it is an attitude. Okhane means "to get out there". We want people to get together; to go to these events, presentations, exhibitions, openings...

And say "hello, I'm me, it's great to meet you ...."

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