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It’s Time To Get Rambling!

Hello Y'all,

Your resident MAMABOBS here! I write this rambling rubbish for myself and share it, like posting a picture of myself half dressed, or crying in front of others …. because we are a communal animal and need to share. If we live in fear of sharing due to “social correctness”, we lose part of our humanity. Sadly (at least to me it is sad), we seem to spend most of our time, communicating through social media these days (and I know the “irony” of what I’m doing here! 😀 ) .… I love a great dinner table with friends, setting the world to rights, agreeing and disagreeing …. there’s a thought …. I think it’s time for more dinner invitations this year ….

Anyway …. back to my thoughts for today, and they are a little deep and a little tough but that is the way of things sometimes ….

Did you know that the 17th Jan was “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day”?

I’m not one for New Year resolutions, but I do try and be resolute in my decisions. It ain’t always easy to stay true to your decisions; sometimes they are the wrong decisions and sometimes they are just testing you all the time. Right action is a bitch …. trying to be a good friend, a good neighbour, a good husband, a good son, a good person can be draining; VERY draining and it is easy to look around and think “why bother; everyone else is being sh*te!”. Even during those few moments when people are generous with their words and actions and respond positively, it can be difficult to accept it at times. So today, full of cold and feeling “out of sync”, I look at my aims, goals, hopes and wishes for today, tomorrow and the future …. and I say to myself “F**k it, I don’t have belief in my abilities, I don’t feel confident, I feel like an exposed nerve but you know what .… I’m not a victim …. it is my choice …. I will not waste time thinking up excuses and justifying myself … it ain’t about being happy every moment; it’s about taking responsibility for every moment, learning from it, feeling better and getting on with it!” ….

And with that, I feel happier and, in the grand tradition of the internet, here is a picture of a cat...

It’s Time To Get Rambling! 1

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

Peace Y'all x


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