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Why live in a van?

Social media is littered with stories of people traveling the world in vans. Big ones, small ones, old school, self-builds the list goes on and on.

The decision to downsize and venture forth into 4 wheel living was an easier decision than you would think. I work away from home during the week, I have for the past 5 years. That’s a lot of time in hotels of varying quality. A lot of moving bags from one place to another, and a lot of never having your own space.

Moving into the van was more of an accounting / practically exercise over let's travel the world. I was tired of wasting money on hotels and having nothing but stolen soap and shower gel to show for it.


Sleeping In My Car

Don’t get me wrong I’ve always wanted a van but I entered into this with very little experience of mobile life. A few caravans and sleeping in the back of my car don’t really count as a high level of research, but as always I jumped into the deep end.

There are some advantages to van life. As Angelique my fiancé says, it’s like going on holiday every weekend. I live in the van so it’s not quite the same for me but I do see her point. I travel from work, pick her (and the cat) up for the weekend and we head off to someplace… normally somewhere that has space at short notice as I am terrible and booking things in advance. We’ve had the odd stealth camp where I haven’t been able to book somewhere but I think that adds to the fun. Angelique may not agree with that 100%, but life is an adventure right..?

We’ve decided to document our adventures here on Okhane and on YouTube, in fact, you can watch us picking up the van below. It’s the start of something amazing, join us on The Venture Van adventure.

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