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MAMABOBS - An Introduction First I Think ….

“I wonder how many others there are like me, out there?”

I am MAMABOBS. I am a Middle-Aged Man with Broken Body Syndrome. I take on all challenges offered, with full gusto, because “no” seems the wrong answer to me, most of the time. I am young enough to know a little and old enough to know there is so much more. I think most of the time, leaning heavily towards over-thinking. I try hard yet I rarely feel I’ve done enough. I find humour in most things, often in things that people think are “wrong”. Most of the time I am carrying an injury or two or …. But I keep going, probably unwisely!

I love the outdoor life. I love the buzz of events whether they be sporting or the arts. I love the people. These mad, open, funny, challenging, different, wonderful people. These people who seem to forget about their worries and differences when at these events, whether they are participants, spectators or volunteers.

I struggle with existing; I want to (and I do!) live. I struggle with “the norm” because, at least in my tiny mind, it does not seem to work. I struggle with political correctness; not it its concept, but in how it is used as a weapon to kill a good conversation. I love a good conversation; heated, open, honest debate!

I have lost all sense of fashion, partly by choice. Technology peaked with sliced bread as far as I am concerned, but I do try to keep up, even though I know I am an analogue man in a digital world. But most technology I see as “a solution to a problem that did not exist!”. S**te, I can be Victor Meldrew at times!

I have probably loved as much as I have lost, but happily, I am on the upward curve of that now and have been for a good while. I have a story or two to share, and a couple of scars to keep me honest. I’ve been known to “get something in my eye” during a movie.

I am an ex-soldier and proud of that. I am strong willed and stubborn, both in a positive and, at times, negative way. I respect and look for loyalty, trust and respect. Politeness, kindness and good manners are still important to me. Oh, and happiness …. Love a good dose of that!

I love my wife, family, friends, making new friends, Black Adder, Calvin & Hobbes, vodka, wine, cooking, triathlon, running and OCR …. Roughly in that order depending on my mood …. (I’ve just finished interval training so sports can completely do one tonight!).

I have decided to start writing about what is rolling around in my head and/or heart, not for you, but for me. Sorry. Maybe you will find a little fun, advice, humour, thought, sadness, wisdom, joy, honesty, positivity, even hope, in my ramblings …. But it is more than likely, you will just kill a few minutes with a wry smile on your face. I certainly hope so.

Peace y’all! X X X


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