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I'm Not Sure This Actually Has A Title?

Hello y’all,

I’m feeling thoughtful… maybe I’m just firing questions off in my head that don’t have answers? I’m certainly not telling anyone right from wrong… just sharing some thoughts here. Not even sure if it matters if anyone agrees or disagrees? It’s just been a little challenging recently…

So many people have inspired me over the years; their stories, their passion, their focus, their love… I watch their videos, read their books and listen to them and they stir something inside me, something emotional, primitive, almost spiritual, as much as I can be. I think about what it is, what makes up that feeling? Those feelings?

The truth is, it’s huge mixing bowl filled with joy, jealousy, inspiration, excuses and hopes. There are large pinches of personal doubt and “what if’s”, with a hunt in the back of the cupboard for self-belief.

I guess I am human, I certainly hope so in terms of my humanity which is described online as the quality of benevolence, compassion, kindness, understanding, sympathy, tolerance and goodness. But what is it that holds me back, sets my limits? Every time I do something new, I get this huge buzz, this sensation of euphoria and freedom. Every time I share a piece of my history, give my time, lend an ear, every time I lend a hand, I get this sensation… I guess it must be “right action”, I guess it must be “being good”?

“Being Good”, why does that sound like something positive we say to a child, but to an adult, it sounds patronising? As we got older, have we become so cynical that “being good” is almost the same as saying to someone… “don’t be an idiot!”?

I hope not and, if I am honest, I refuse to believe so.

So I keep reading about idols, finding new stories, people and groups that inspire humans to be good, to be better, to make more of an effort and not to give up because the world can be pretty shitty…

but I know these people, these idols, live in the mountains, on boats, in houses they built themselves, they get up and run in the cold mornings, they open their doors to friends and strangers, cook amazing fresh meals…. and most of us “can’t” do these things because of our lives, our priorities, our daily wants…

Is that true?

The suppose the reality is not all of us can be idols to many…. but we can be idols/mentors to a few. We can inspire every day. We really can. More importantly, we should.

I know my friends who have children say they do this every day.… and that’s great, wonderful; truly it is and a joy to watch. But what about to others, where, at the moment and probably this is the incorrect element, we don’t have a vested interest? Maybe we should have a vested interest? If we took this same message “outside of our own doors”, metaphorically and literally speaking…?

But maybe this is where our adult heads say “ah, what’s the point, it’s all pretty f**ked”?

And maybe that is part of the reason?

I don’t know; I’m just shooting my mouth off; airing a collection of random thoughts…

I'm Not Sure This Actually Has A Title? 1

Kilian Jornet

In the meantime… here is a little video from one of my idols… Kilian Jornet.

Kilian Jornet started training the day he was born. The mountains were his playground and without realizing it he created his own training philosophy that is based on repeating, trying and failing.

Now Kilian trains outdoors seven days a week with a clear mantra: “If you don’t have pleasure when you train, you will never improve.”

Not all of us have to climb to the top of the mountain, not all of us want to, not all of us can, but I feel we should all find a way to help others achieve their dreams, whatever they are. To each person, they probably feel a high as a mountain to them….

When he was a child Kilian Jornet made a list of all the races he’d like to win and all the mountains he dreamt of climbing. In May 2017 he ticked off the last on the list with the historic double, solo ascent of Everest, without oxygen and in a single climb. It marked the climax of the Summits of My Life project which took him to some of the world’s most famous peaks over five years, accompanied by a small group of climbers. (Taken from Kilian’s blog).

Peace y’all x

Oh, yeah, internet, and here your f**king cat picture …. 😉


I'm Not Sure This Actually Has A Title? 3

Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash

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