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I Can't Wing This One

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As a keen obstacle course racer, I’ve raced for fun, I’ve raced competitively & I’ve raced at World Championship level in America & Canada since taking on my 1st OCR the Wolf Run back in September 2011.

So at the end of last year, my thoughts turned to 2018, do I carry on the status quo, do the same events as normal, go to qualify for the World Championships again or do I do something a bit different?

It’s always been a struggle to get to where I’ve got to, people often ask me how I cope with full-time work, being a carer for a disabled wife, being a father, doing the cooking, washing etc and keeping my OCR racing & fitness up. I cope, I don't excel at it, I get it right sometimes and I get it wrong sometimes (probably more than I get it right) but I put one foot in front of the other & move on. I have amazing support from my family and the kids are teenagers now so pretty self-sufficient. A friend said to me not that long ago "it is always a choice how we deal with life, despite the cards that get dealt!" We can't always predict or control the cards we are handed, it’s how we play the hand.

So 2018 I’ve decided is the year I attempt to become an Ironman, not a half but a full-on Ironman! 2.4-mile open water swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a 26.22 mile marathon. People have often assumed with all I’ve accomplished & done that I have done one, now is the time to put that right.

Am I scared? Yes, Am I nervous? Yes, Am I concerned? Yes. Am I out of my comfort zone? Yes by a bloody mile! But that’s the challenge I set myself, be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I can’t have a bottle of wine night before, get up, turn up & wing like I do now! This is really going to force me to focus on improving my all-around fitness, it’s going to make me focus on my training & nutrition and it’s going to challenge me like nothing has done before. I’m not stepping away from OCR completely, I’ve still got some races planned to keep my finger in the pie and keep in touch with the community, many of whom I class as bloody good friends, I’m just reigning it in a little bit.

Now to start considering the equipment I need, look at training plans and give this as good a crack as I can and who knows, I may well succeed! Just hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew…….

Ironman Bolton 2018 is on!

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