Obstacle Course Racing

My Year as a Spartan - Aroo

I have a love/hate relationship with Spartan races, I love the quality of their obstacle, the weight of their carries and their liking for hills, what I don’t like is […]

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Success is in the Eyes of the Achiever!

Context is so important so let’s get this right from the start... I love Obstacle Course racing, and I love the Obstacle Course Racing Community; probably even more! So I […]

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New Rules

“I’ve got new rules; I count ‘em” Have you heard the song by the pop artist, Dua Lipa called New Rules? Well, she sings about trying to manage a break-up […]

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A Personal Cautionary Tale: Endurance OCR, Fluids, NSAIDs and Kidney Failure

By Wesley Kerr The story is told by Jason Nicholson with help from Margaret (Molly) Kenneth FNP-C & Wesley Kerr MD-PhD I feel proud, happy, accomplished, annoyed, and ashamed when […]

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Up And Down, Through And Under, Let's Go Obstacle Course Racing!

The fantastic world of Obstacle Course Racing must have been in Reagan’s mind... admittedly much of the rest is questionable... when he said... “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can […]

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Toughest London

Toughest has long been my favourite event. Ever since my first visit to Toughest Ice I have admired their race format of fast lanes and long penalties while their obstacle complexity is second to none.

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The Interview

I went for my first formal interview today since 2008 and my goodness I was nervous. Don't get me wrong

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I Didn't Get That One Right!

I was going to write a piece about my “race” at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, held in the absolutely stunning Blue Mountain resort in Ontario, Canada

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Train for Spartan Race

Preparing for your first Spartan Race can be a tricky one where you will need to not only run but also build some upper body strength.

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How to Prepare for Your First Mud Run

So you’ve chosen to take on your first muddy event. Whatever your reason for doing it – whether a personal challenge, raising money for charity, a competitive edge

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10 Ways to Get Faster at OCR

Whether you are running for fun or competitively it's nice to know you're getting better and improving. The good news is that everyone can get better.

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5 Best Exercises For OCR

Need to add introduction to this post Lunge Walks When it comes to running through deep mud and puddles, you'll be needing your leg strength to be up to the […]

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