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Strength Begins At Home

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15 Mins Strength Workout .... This no-nonsense routine uses everyday items into a home gym for a great 15 minute workout. Warm up a little before you start and aim for no more than 30 seconds recovery between each set.

01 Split Squats / 2 Minutes (Repeat Subject To Time)

Stand facing away from a chair or step and lift your left foot to rest on the surface behind you. The higher, the tougher. Bend your right knee and flex at the hips until the left knee brushes the floor, then drive up to return to the start. Do 5 Reps on each legs, switch, then repeat until the 2 mins are up.

02 Feet Elevated Press Up / 1 Minute (Repeat Subject To Time)

Placing your feet on a raised platform targets the upper parts of your pecs. Start with your toes on the chair, palms flat and arms extended under your shoulders. Tense your quads and glutes to keep straight as you lower yourself to the floor, moving your body as a single unit. Press hard through your hands and fingers to press back up.

03 Shoulder Press / 1 Minute (Repeat Subject To Time)

No dumbbells? No Problem .... grab a couple of water bottles and, making sure they are full!, begin with knees slightly bent and feet shoulder-width. Bend your arms and raise bottles to shoulder height, palms forward. Keep your core braced and chest out as you extend your arms, then lower to shoulder height. The difficulty will creep up on you!

04 Hollow Body Hold / 2 x 60 Secs

Time for a lie down. Start flat on your back, arms outstretched above and your legs outstretched below you, with your head raised off the ground. Slowly raise your outstretched limbs until just above the ground, forming a concave shape. And hold ....

05 Pistol Squat / 90 Seconds (Repeat Subject To Time)

Stand in front of a chair or step, then slowly bend your right knee as you raise your left leg and both arms out straight in front of you for balance. Lower slowly until your glutes (butt!) brushes the surface of the chair, then squeeze your quads and glutes to push back up and switch legs. Tough exercise this, so look for a chair that is not too low to start with.

06 Towel Slide Jack Knife / 1 Minute (Repeat Subject To Time)

Lay a towel flat on a hard floor and set up in a press up position with your toes resting on the towel and your body in a straight line. Keeping your arms straight, draw your knees toward your chest, sliding the towel across the floor. When your knees are level with your elbows, slide your legs back to the start by squeezing your glutes.

07 Burpee / 2 x 1 Minute (3 x 1 Minute Subject To Time)

This is the true test of muscular endurance that will leave your triceps, chest, quads and abs ..... aware 😉 Begin standing, then drop down to place your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your legs back into the plank position .... AT THE SAME TIME .... lower your chest to the ground as per a press up. Hop your legs toward your body so your feet are flat, come into a shallow squat, then jump up high, off the ground, raising your hands above your head (if you have the room height!).

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