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Pre Season Triathlon Plan

Sport: TriathlonDuration: 12 WeeksPrice: £35.00

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Welcome to our 12 Week Pre - Season Full Distance Triathlon Program

There are three elements to our Full Distance Triathlon Training Program, designed to get you totally ready for your Race Day:

  1. The Post - Season Program
  2. The Pre - Season Program
  3. The Race Day Program

The goals for the Pre-Season Full Distance Triathlon program are:

  1. To Emerge with great fitness and musculoskeletal fitness, but not quite in "Race Ready" form
  2. Retain the good habits you established to date
  3. Layer several weeks of consistent training without injury
  4. Maintain a routine of strength and mobility training
  5. Set a baseline of sustainable power output ad speed that is ready to be extended to Event-Specific work.
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