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Full Distance Triathlon Race Plan

Sport: TriathlonDuration: 14 WeeksPrice: £40.00

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Welcome to our 14 Week Full Distance Triathlon Race Day Training Program There are three elements to our Full Distance Triathlon Training Program, designed to get you totally ready for your Race Day:

  1. The Post - Season Program
  2. The Pre - Season Program
  3. The Race Day Program

The weekly goals for this 14 Week Full Distance Triathlon Plan are:

Week 1 is a building week to prepare you for the challenging strength-endurance work ahead. The key sessions are similar to pre-season training - building blocks with a touch of speed & intensity.

Week 2 develops the initial strength-based running that will feature heavily in the program. The midweek bike focuses on maintaining a low RPM at progressively harder efforts which builds strength-endurance.

Week 3 are building block sessions that mix low and high RPM work as you evolve your fitness and progress toward the main race. A challenging low-RPM bike ride is the main feature of this strength-endurance week.

Week 4 is strength-endurance work and challenging especially the Key Run where you are asked to maintain great form and posture while running very hard uphill. Highlights include the strong end of range ride with a run-off-the-bike & the beginning of event-specific swimming.

Week 5 has removed some of the muscular-landing strength & endurance work. We are now starting 8 days focused on endurance. The goal is 3 longer runs over 5 days to build resilience before the upcoming block of work.

Week 6 retains the endurance focus while integrating some strength - endurance work into the load. We have one endurance run remaining, then we transition to a week focused on riding to bank some miles & resilience. For the time-starved athlete, the trainer option can be used to sneak in some miles.

Week 7 allows us to clean out some of the endurance load of the last couple fo weeks. We can now transition to another round of strength-endurance training. The week should be looked at in two halves, with the first focused on recovery and recuperation & the other on strength-endurance work. This will prepare you for the upcoming work by including some integrated efforts at high RPM.

Week 8 will seem familiar around the strength-endurance elements. It is a progression of Week 5. This time we include some high RPM & speed work. It is a tough week!

Week 9 is focused on strength & endurance. A challenging end of range bike ride is the main feature. Think of this week as building-block sessions that will allow you to grow in the low & high RPM ranges, as you progress towards your race.

Week 10 allows for recovery & recuperation before ramping into a block of fast, high intensity sessions. These blocks are great opportunities to include a sprint or Olympic distance Race or even a 70.3. If so, make early next week easy. Test your feeling strategy in this race simulation.

Week 11 takes us to the finalisation of the preparation with a race-focused block of work & some open-water skills practice, as well as event specific preparation on the bike & run. There is not a lot of strength endurance now but enough to remind the body of the stressor. We move to faster & flatter riding & running. Simulate race feeling & hydration in the key sessions.

Week 12 includes an event specific brick, run preparation & an endurance ride. Don't forget to practice race feeling & hydration in the key sessions.

Week 13 means we need to get our minds ready. We can not gain anymore fitness & we must gain control over our program with confidence. It is all feel-good, smooth, sharpening work. There is a possibility you may feel flat over the next coming days but the mission is for you to do the work you are good at & enjoy! Avoid creating deep fatigue or searching for justification. When in doubt, go less and easier!

Week 14 .... No more "what if's!'. This is your week! Set yourself up well by maintaining a clean set of eating & resting habits, plan your race experience & allow yourself to get excited! Get your head in the right place to allow your day to be all that it should be.

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