Money Off with Points Earned

Okhane (O-Car-Neigh) is about give and take …. yes, we give loads of free Advice, Guidance, Informational, Inspirational Articles & Stories …. but we need you to be offering something back in return …. and we reward you for this as well!

As if it’s needed, given all the free stuff we already offer, we are offering the chance for you to earn more discount for the Okhane Marketplace. With each 200 points, you will earn £1.00 off anything in the Okhane Marketplace!

And if that is not enough, we will give you:
…. 90 Points, just for registering with us
…. a further 150 Points for adding a profile image! ….
…. a further 150 Points for adding a cover image! ….
…. a further 10 Points (upto a max 200) for updating your profile! ….

That’s 400 Points or £2.00 discount just for completing your profile!

You can keep earning points by:

  1. 1 Point for Logging In
  2. 1 Point for Viewing any of hundreds of articles & stories.
  3. 1 Point for Clicking on Links
  4. 10 Points for Referrals
  5. 10 Points for each Profile update (upto a maximum of 200 points)
  6. 400 Points for Reviewing Products

For example, if you:

  1. Logged in once a day, 6 times a week
  2. Viewed two pieces of content a day, 6 days a week
  3. Clicked on links twice a day, 6 days a week
  4. Referred a new member to join once a week

You would earn on average approx 180 points. Add in a posted Product Review for other Tribe members to read... That’s an additional 200 points or £1.00 discount for the Okhane Marketplace!