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14th April 2020
Stroke Rate V Stroke Count

What Is Stroke Count? Stroke count is the number of strokes you take each length of the pool. You count both your left and your right arm strokes and most amateur swimmers generally require somewhere between 16-30 strokes to complete 1 length of a 25m pool. What Is Stroke Rate? Stroke rate is the number […]

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14th April 2020
What Is RPE and Why It Is So Useful?

Quantifying how hard your workouts feel can help you push past the psychological barriers that may be slowing you down. Think about the last time you did a hard session: Was there a point where you felt like you were going to die? If you’re reading this, then you obviously survived (congrats!) …. and you probably finished […]

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23rd March 2020
Free Social Morning Workout

Like many people, I've lost my training partners and, if I am totally honest, my training mojo. During these unprecedented times, it's really hard to keep motivated, keep positive and keep moving .... physically and mentally. .... So I have decided to set a daily regular time of 8:00am GMT ... which started Monday 23rd […]

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21st March 2020
New Strength Training Program for Cyclists

OCT Coach Nick TK has posted a new Free Strength Training Plan for Cyclists. Choice! So much choice out there ... for free! We love it. All of these exercises can be done at home and will keep that strength in your body, ready for those days back out on the road or in the […]

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20th March 2020
New 15 - 30 Min Strength Training Program

OCT Coach Nick TK has posted a new Free Strength Training Plan. Choice! So much choice out there ... for free! We love it. This one is designed to be done at home, using body weight and household items only. Education and Information helps to motive us, as does giving us variety to our training. […]

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