Meet The Okhane Race Team

Find out about the Okhane Race Team and our Team Members.

About the Okhane Race Team (ORT)

The Okhane Mission is “to positively affect one persons health and wellbeing per day” which, if we all tried to do, would get us some way towards the Okhane Vision …. to create “a worldwide community connected through and inspired by sport, health and wellbeing”.

The ORT Members are passionate, dedicated & possibly slightly obsessed group of competitors and completors who are true sportsmen and women, both on and off the pitches, courses, tracks and trails.

ORT Members are fair, disciplined, generous, welcoming and are ambassadors for their chosen sports.

ORT Members look to promote the Okhane Mission and Vision through their attitude towards their sport, their training, their competition and their participation.

Would you like to join the ORT?

Check out the ORT Manifesto on this page which will tell you what is expected, our ethos and what we are able to offer you. As we grow, we will be able to offer more so we look forward to hearing from those who want to help themselves as well as others.

You can and should earn your position on the team but you can lose it too. It is not just about your results …. its about actively supporting and upholding the ORT Manifesto.

Please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Meet the Team

Okhane Race Team (ORT) Manifesto

Members of the ORT agree to:

  • Uphold the Okhane Mission...
    To positively affect one persons health and wellbeing per day"
  • Support and help build the Okhane Vision...
    A worldwide community connected through and inspired by sport, health and wellbeing
  • Uphold the Okhane Ethos of giving One Percent More
  • Conduct myself in a respectful manner
  • Treat others as I would wish to be treated
  • Always show good sportsmanship
  • Always race with fire
  • Show gratitude to marshalls and volunteers
  • Provide reviews of events at which I competed
  • Compete clean, always and without exception
  • Obstacle Course Racers Must attempt every obstacle …. never cut a corner
  • Be a superfan by supporting, volunteering and marshalling where possible

In exchange member of the ORT will get:

  • Free personalised ORT Vest or T-Shirt
  • Free Membership to the WOCRL
  • Free Membership to any other Leagues created by Okhane World (more are in development)
  • Exclusive discounts to the Okhane Marketplace and other offers when available
  • First refusal for any tickets to events the Okhane World may receive

ORT members will be expected to make social media posts embedding the following hashtags where appropriate:

#WeAreOkhane #OnePercentMore #OkhaneRaceTeam #FitForLife

ORT members are allowed to endorse products they use as part of their activities, but they must clear this with the team captain.

Our mission is to positively affect one persons health and wellbeing per day.
Okhane Race Team
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