Volunteer with the Okhane Foundation and give back to sport
Please use the hashtag #GivingBackToSport to help raise awareness
The Okhane Foundation is all about giving back to sport, so why not volunteer to help us do just this!

The Okhane Foundation is currently working with race organisers to create opportunities for our supporters to give back to sport, by volunteering to help at races around the world. Volunteer at your local race on a weekend you have free, or help out at a race while you are on holiday - just a few hours of your time can make all the difference to someones day.
What do I get for Volunteering with the Okhane Foundation?
If you volunteer to help out at an event through the Okhane Foundation you will receive the following:
• Satisfaction that you have helped make a difference to someones day!
• We are currently negotiating other perks with race organisers. More details will be available soon.