Being Scared To Be Brave; Why I Took On The Unknown

The Unknown is advertised as “an unrelenting series of mental and physical challenges [that will] test your willpower more than you had thought possible”.

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Coast To Coast Triathlon - Taking On The Scots

The second week of September saw my first triathlon of sorts. A two-day mission across Scotland from Nairn to The Isles of Glencoe, via bike, foot and kayak. The challenge is broken down into a two day 'Challenger' race and a one-day 'Expert' race. I opted for the two day challenge as it was the […]

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017 Twisted Melon // SEPT 2017 // Data Transmission Radio
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Back To Basics With Fitness

It is done, Iron Man Bolton 2018 signed up and paid for

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Exercises To Improve Running And General Fitness

At this point in time, I am still very much obstacle course training as I have three more races before the end of the year

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Ironman Lanzarote 2017 Race Report

So, how do most people prepare themselves in the few days leading up to the hardest Ironman in the world - Ironman Lanzarote? I presume most would take the weight off their feet and finish carb loading ready for the big day…

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