The Iron Woman

36 Tips For Popping Your Ironman Cherry

A year ago I signed up for a challenge that I was unsure I would complete. A year ago I could not swim front crawl. A year ago I was […]

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When Ultras Are Not Enough

Having never been a fan of running, people find it odd when I tell them I occasionally dabble in ultra-marathons or adventure ultras. The look of confusion is something I […]

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Types Of People You Meet At The Pool

The swimming pool, the perfect place to people watch. Over the months I have been both intrigued and irritated with the variety of people at my local pool. However, there […]

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Trials and Tribulations of 100+ miles on a bike

The longest bike ride to date. I was nervous, no I was beyond nervous. If I could not get through this, then there was no point in trying Iron Man […]

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The Second 70.3 in a Week

So, after realising you bit off more than you could chew with your first triathlon being a half Iron Man distance what do you decide to approach for your second? […]

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The First Triathlon: A Half Iron Man

So how do you break yourself into triathlons gently? How do you build up stamina to a full ironman? You jump in at the deep end with a half Iron […]

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Can Hobbies Help Triathlon Training?

The consensus is that to run a triathlon you need to adopt running, cycling and swimming into your routine and focus on these to improve and be ready for race […]

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Learning to Swim

After a few months of paddling around in vain at my local leisure centre, and not getting anywhere regarding efficiency, I decided to admit defeat on the swimming front and […]

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Popping A Cherry

Last weekend saw the introduction of pure road running races. No adventure marathons, no mud, no trial runs, no mountains, just loop upon loop of tarmac...I could barely contain my […]

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Duathlons: The Good And The Bad

Last weekend I part took in my first bit of brick training for Iron Man in the form of an Olympic Duathlon...well that is what it was supposed to be. […]

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The Role Of Excuses

The Role Of Excuses In Our Fitness Demise... Acknowledge And Conquer. We all need a rest or a break that is no secret. However, when does a few days R […]

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