It Can Be Done …. If You Want It To Happen.

Hi you'll, your resident MAMABOBS 'ere. Justification of our excuses for NOT doing something that makes us or those around us feel better, happier, healthier, stronger, fitter, has become a pastime for many. Almost a habit.  Again, I was sitting on my arse on a Sunday morning saying this is my day off so I […]

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Simply put, I just don’t know...

I got a bit lost recently. It happens. Me being me, I tend to over think and get a little retrospective of it all. So I am not sure where this one will go. I will write it as it comes out, but I need a place to start…. Right, I just spent one hour […]

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I'm Not Sure This Actually Has A Title?

Hello y’all, I’m feeling thoughtful… maybe I’m just firing questions off in my head that don’t have answers? I’m certainly not telling anyone right from wrong… just sharing some thoughts here. Not even sure if it matters if anyone agrees or disagrees? It’s just been a little challenging recently… So many people have inspired me […]

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It’s Time To Get Rambling!

Hello Y'all, Your resident MAMABOBS here! I write this rambling rubbish for myself and share it, like posting a picture of myself half dressed, or crying in front of others …. because we are a communal animal and need to share. If we live in fear of sharing due to “social correctness”, we lose part […]

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MAMABOBS - An Introduction First I Think ….

I am MAMABOBS. I am a Middle-Aged Man with Broken Body Syndrome. I take on all challenges offered, with full gusto, because “no” seems the wrong answer to me, most of the time

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