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The Okhane World is your virtual town centre for inspiration and information on all things related to sport, health and wellbeing.

Our Mission
"To positively affect one persons health and wellbeing per day".
Our Vision
"A worldwide community connected through and inspired by sport, health and wellbeing".
Okhane Tribe

The community hub for all those looking for inspiration and information on how to improve their quality of life through better performance, better health & wellbeing.

Okhane Coaching Team

Our team of experience and expertise, offering inspiration and information to help you improve your performance, health & wellbeing.

Okhane Race Team

Our team of sports people who play fair, try hard and share their experiences, helping to inspire and advise others.

Okhane Marketplace

Come to buy, sell and barter new and secondhand items, making better health & wellbeing more accessible to you.

Okhane Foundation

Taking the profits from the Okhane World and placing into projects that change lives though better health & wellbeing.

Our mission is to positively affect one persons health and wellbeing per day.
Okhane - Inspired by Sport, Health and Wellbeing.
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Okhane Foundation
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